If only the key could speak! This instrument that has crossed the ages without a wrinkle, it radiates a number of possibilities and anecdotes so masterful that Martti has decided to grab the key. This rudimentary and luxurious object, devoting a formidable mode of expression capable of upsetting and surprising, capable of audacity and mystery, capable of modernity and archaism. From the simple relief to the rosette of leaves, these keys, all ancient, display a complexity that gives them a lot of seduction. Then, brazed, twisted, folded, accompanied by a handle, surrounded by hinges, the key loses its utility to transform itself into a work of art preserving its identity and its reason. Martti revels in diverting the key and its symbolism in a testimony of love and freedom which it expresses through rings of friendship, cages of chains of keys where this fabulous cage of love overflowing with blown glass. Without completely disregarding the constraints of life, this appropriation and this assembly multiply ambivalences to stimulate consciousness. From then on, this diversion of everyday instruments takes on a more subjective dimension by flirting with contrary emotional dispositions awakened by the spirit of the key, highlighted by Martti’s inspiration and sensitivity.

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