Natali retali

Natalie Victor-Retali
Rather from the world of dance, NVR has followed several training courses related to photography (day and evening courses in Arles, distance learning, an internship at the photographic service of the museums of Bordeaux), to develop her way of seeing the world visually. From 2006 to 2009 NVR takes part in various collective and personal exhibitions (« midnight tomorrow morning » Group A, « Désapparences » in Paris, Toledo, Bordeaux, Marseille, Arles.)
In 2010 Artists residence in the commune of Pont du Gard (exhibition « Common territories, Intimate Landscapes », development of the participatory photography workshop « Image de Soi, Image of the Other »..)From 2011 to 2015 development of participatory photography workshops with CCAS Bordeaux; Solo show « QUELQUE CHOSE ROUGE » in Paris, Arles, Bordeaux, Marseille, Rhodes; Works with publishers; Runs a cultural magazine « L’Ormee » and contributes its visual contribution; An article about his work appears in the magazine « Art Absolument ».

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    In 2016, the artists participates in the « Femmes en mouvement » (Arles) event for which she provides the visual and for which she proposes a participatory photography workshop: « Image de Soi, Image of the Other » as well as a projection:
    « On the Heads of Women ». « Urban Ghosts » is presented for the first time at Arts at Home in Arles and then in Calvisson (Gard). The village of Valliguières dedicates a weekend in October (exhibition and workshop)In 2017, she has projects with a gallery in Colorado (USA), the city of Begles and the region of Hamburg (Germany) «N_VR, photographer-artist, is an explorer of the thickness of the present that crosses reality to scarcely the edges of the present. It reveals another dimension without scenes, letting itself be surprised by the present moment, which thanks to the precision of its instinct triggers in us a vision of the truth. She composes her images as pictures; The process of creation passes through an interstice of consciousness: to feel and to see the image between the real and the dream shown. From this pre-consciousness of the image, N_VR composes photographic series that plunge the viewer into a state of unconscious observation. »

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