Emerged in the Summer of 2013, somewhere between here and there, Saudi Arabia and the West. He is made of pure bone the first manifestation of the soul, neither white nor black. Yet as a skull, his self-portrait also represents the first mask to our spiritselves. His paitings are a contemporary commentary of our system: characters and expressions imbued with icons and slang from global pop culture. Going beyond the typical narrative of a Saudi Arabian living in cosmopolitan America, Rex Chouk’s character rather embodies a spirit exploring corporeality, seeking to manipulate perception in order to show the sincere symmetry and enjoyment of our global system. Having a passion for entrepreneurship and sustainable impact, his inspiration comes from this engineering of left brain with right brain energy and frequency expressed in a linear way. Often linked to the painting styles of Basquiat and Haring, RexChouk says that his inspiration comes from them more as culturally active spirits rather than as artists of specific technique.A selftaught artist himself, he prefers to use his own hands over tools, for not only does it dry faster a key method for his hyperactive mass production of creation but it also lets him know exactly where to touch the canvas in order to feel the symmetrical force. As a multimedia artist exploring painting and drawing, illumination and sound, RexChouk shows us that the function of our system is the divine connection of the physical world, electrified and intoxicated

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      Sydney Bechet - Si tu vois ma mère