Charlotte Lena Souki

A woman as complex and beautiful as the diamonds she picks; it’s undeniable that Charlotte Lena Souki is here to stay.

Charlotte’s drive to travel the world has been prominent since her earliest days. Growing up, she spent days and nights watching her uncle make jewelry while dreaming of one day becoming a jeweler herself. Charlotte’s early exposure to the world of jewelry making and design was her secret weapon, she says, combined with her ambition and the expertise she acquired at the Diamond Exchange District in Tel Aviv.


After completing a degree in gemology, she went on to study art history in Paris, and then, armed with all of her acquired knowledge, skills and unyielding passion, Charlotte launched her career with numerous influential high-end brands. But that wasn’t enough.


Charlotte has a vision: Take the best, forget the rest. Or try…  

After traveling around the world to see new cultures and expand her knowledge in the art field, she found a way to achieve her vision—Aspen. She fell in love with the magic of the small mountain town and opened a gallery where she could showcase a mix of the finest and most sophisticated modern art and fine jewelry. It was finally a place to blend all the artists she met on the road, and offer a place she could share with everyone. Not just an art gallery, a place with the doors wide open for meeting and exchanging visions. “I have no limits when it comes to art,” she concludes.