Domingo Zapata


Domingo Zapata is a Spanish-American artist born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Currently,Zapata maintains studios in his Gramercy Park townhouse in New York City, the Design Districtin Miami, and Hollywood. In these private ateliers he produces Neo-Expressionist paintings aswell as sculpture. He paints in both oil and acrylic, often incorporating mixed-media, collage andgraffiti. For over 20 years Zapata has built a body of work, which varies significantly in motif, though consistently explores themes of sexuality, opulence, and vitality in his signature style. In thisdistinctive hand, Zapata layers fantasy and reality, luring the viewer into his potent, cosmicallybeautiful world.nter_0_kro1s9Z5g.html

Art Pieces

Take me all the way
Blue wind Matador
Red Bullfighter 8
Red Bullfighter 7
Red Bullfighter 6
Red Bullfighter 3
Red Bullfighter I
Red Bullfighter 9
The horse and the Polo
Rocket Polo
Surrender Panda
Passion Panda
Panda Vowels
Letters to Panda
I love you babe
Positive Panda
Born to be panda
Turquoise Babe
Panda Matrix
British Panda
Panda Crucifiction
Fleur De CHA CHA
Sweet Cloud Ballet
Ricky’s Ballet
Move over Ballerinas
French my Ballet