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ChaCha Gallery Presents HOPE – an Uplifting Summer Exhibition


ChaCha Gallery is pleased to present HOPE – an uplifting Summer Exhibition. A collection of Salvador Dalí’s most prominent Bronze sculptures, lithographs and furniture, will be showcased alongside premiere new works by Patrick Rubinstein, a widely recognized French artist working in the intersection of Op Art and Pop Art, among other prominent contemporary artists.


Charlotte Lena-Souki’s art selection for this Summer is based upon the belief that art has the power to transform and uplift, and in these challenging times ChaCha Gallery is committed to supporting the creative community in Aspen through a selection of iconic pieces.


“This is a moment to bring joy, hope and love, and I wanted our Summer Show to reflect this spirit. Hope and love are everything in this world”- says Lena-Souki, owner of ChaCha Gallery. 


Alongside the works of Surrealist Master Salvador Dalí, lay several other colorful floral works by Domingo Zapata, in his characteristic neo-expressionist style, as well as Laurence Jenkell’s Bonbon sculptures, Jeff Koons iconic Balloon sculptures, Jonathan Bermudes’ classical Pop Stars photographic representations, Victor Spinelli’s Burning Man-featured Diver Up! series, Gilles Roussel portraits and Natalie Victor – Retali’s abstract paintings. A selection of Mr. Brainwash’s pieces complete the exhibition design, bringing a street-style vibe into the mix.


Mid-Summer will also see the addition of Aspen-born artist Samuel Prudden’s most recent works. His striking palette and depiction of seaside scenes are inspired by latin-american culture, where he spent much of the last decade, exploring what reality and dreams look like in different cultures. Contemplating Prudden’s paintings is a window into the timeless triumphs and struggles of humanity… and everything in between.


The programming for this Summer includes artist talks and gallery tours, and a socially-distant reception celebrating Prudden’s latest collection. HOPE will be on display from June 17th to September 15th, 2020. For more information visit www.chachagallery.com