Our Ladies

Superfluous ways of living or constant struggles against the banality of fame and sexism? That’s the challenge the most iconic women in history went through. Faces that can be recognized from one point to another of the planet and want to be portrayed by artists worldwide, not just for embodying celebrity status and being considered sex symbols, but also for standing out as tireless workers, leaders and BOSSES.


In Our Ladies, the promises, the beauty, the pleasure, the fame and tragedy are left aside flooding us with color. By focusing on the iconic traits, artists seek to remind us that there are real women below the canvas.


Artist: Mr Brainwash, Johanne Cinier, Jonatan Bermudez and Icons Collections (Photography from different female icons like Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis by Photographer like Ron Galella, Claude Gassian & others)