Salvador Dali


There can be no question of the public recognition of Salvador Dalí. Ask the man in the street to name a modern artist, and he will likely name Dalí. There are several stages in this public awareness. He is well known as a showman and as one of the great artists of the century. Those who are familiar with his popular works praise his technical skills and enjoy his wild imagination. Many viewers , drawn to his work by its bizarre content, come to appreciate both his technique and imagery. They advance from incredulous shock to a vague and disturbed feeling that there is more than they can quite grasp. Something stirs in they psyches so that they feel -without knowing why- that they are in the presence of a genius.


Some are surprised to find that they have bevome strangely fearful, but of what, they know not. A few find protection in laughter; other feel that Dalí has understood them, perhaps better than they understand themselves. Yet, Dalís art go beyond understanding. For that is a far too rational process to explain the unusual level of empathy between his work and the inner selves of the viewers

Art Pieces