Samuel Prudden


Samuel Prudden is an American artist, born in Aspen,Colorado. He is neo-realist painterwho produces work in both oil and acrylic.Prudden has spent much of the last decade working in various Latin American countriesincluding Mexico, El Salvador, and Colombia. His work is inspired both by LatinAmerican history and the realities of rural life.Many of Prudden’s pieces highlight the struggles of armed conflict faced by thepolitically oppressed people. It also highlights the dichotomy of the farmer’s freedom andhis dependence to land.


His work draws the audience into the nostalgia of life during the turn of the century, theromanticism of the 1920’s, and the unchanging character of camaraderie throughout theages.Contemplating Prudden’s paintings is not only calling attention to our reality, but also ayearning for the struggles and triumphs of a bygone era.

Art Pieces