The Coolguys


Who are we ?

“The Coolguys” is the association of two friends, both from the South East of France. The alliance of two talents, Joris and David, who offer an atypical version of street art.

It was at the start of 2020 that it became obvious to these two high school friends, passionate about contemporary art, to combine their respective worlds. Joris and David are two very complementary raw talents. Joris has emerged from Riviera graffiti for more than 10 years, and brings color to the designs entirely made in steel by David, who for his part has been working in this field for several years now.

At the start of confinement following the Covid-19, Joris and David decide to auction a work produced for the benefit of the CHU de Nice. This is like a revelation, and it is so, that day after day, inspiration and creation never cease to develop, giving free rein to the passion of these two artists!
From sculpture to paintings, they are constantly looking for different layering techniques, to invite everyone to take the time to observe their work from all angles, and thus interpret the various subtleties that can be found there.

Their only limit? their imagination! Capable of doing anything, Joris and David adapt to all types of formats in order to develop their art and fully exploit its possibilities.

Art Pieces