Winter Exhibition Salvador Dali &  The Permanent Collection

ChaCha Gallery is pleased to present its Winter Exhibition featuring the works of Salvador Dalí alongside with the Permanent Collection.


The exhibition is produced in collaboration with The Dalí Universe, a Paris based institution specialized in Salvador Dalí who manages one of the largest private collections of his works in the world. 


Founded by Mr. Beniamino Levi, an Italian art dealer and collector who worked with Dalí during the 1960’s, the collection focuses on three-dimensional creations. Artworks from this collection have toured and been loaned to over one hundred prestigious museums and locations worldwide, and seen by more than twelve million visitors. This extraordinary collection brings to light a previously unknown aspect of Dalí’s work, allowing sculpture to take on an important role. They have been offered in important auction houses around the world.


Salvador Dalí was not only a painter, he was a multi-faceted artist in every sense of the word. Undisputed master of Surrealism, he never limited himself to canvas or to two dimensional artworks. Glass-crystal, furniture, jewels and most of all bronze sculptures: his art emanated through every medium.


The pieces are created to order, in a limited edition of up to 350, plus 35 artist proofs. The editions Each sculpture is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and a Foundry Certificate from the original location in Mendrisio, Switzerland. This foundry is the same facility where Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures are produced.


Commemorating thirty years Salvador Dali’s passing, ChaCha Gallery is the only gallery in the United States to feature the complete twenty-nine Salvador Dalí bronze sculptures which are amongst the most famous iconographic images created during his lifetime. This creations are sought-after in auction houses across the globe, making this a unique opportunity in Aspen.


Within this collection are some of the most famous iconic surrealistic images created by Salvador Dalí: Alice in Wonderland, Space Elephant and Woman Aflame, to name just a few.  The image with which Salvador Dalí is most closely associated is probably the ‘melted clock’ or ‘soft watch’. The soft clock motif can be found in no less than nine stunning bronzes in the Dali Sculpture Collection, such as The Profile of Time and Nobility of Time. Dalí himself became synonymous with his ingenious creation, an absolute icon of Modern Art. 


Highlights of the show are some quintessential furniture pieces. Of particular interest is the renowned Mae West Lips Sofa, originally created by Dalí in the late 1930’s and based on the voluptuous actress known for her provocative one-liners. The Leda Armchair and low table sculpture, inspired by the painting “Femme á la téte rose” (1935), impact gracefully as masterfully casted varnish brass.


Alongside the Dali Bronze sculptures, is a curated selection of Charlotte Lena-Souki’s permanent collection, including works by Mr, Brainwash, Jeff Koons, Joanne Cinier, Laurence Jenkell, Jonathan Bermudes, Samuel Prudden, Domingo Zapata, and The Icons Collection, a photographic project compiled by Art Photo in Paris that brings together intimate portraits of emblematic stars, both classical and contemporary, such as Marilyn Monroe, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol, among many others. 


The Winter Exhibition will be on display from December 2019 to April 2020 at ChaCha Gallery, 426 E. Hyman Avenue, Aspen, Colorado.


Charlotte Lena Souki, husband Charif Souki and the artist of honor were in high spirits as they welcomed friends new and old into the vibrant space.


The French-born, Los Angeles-based street artist Thierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, is notable for his animated grafitti-over-pop-art pieces, displayed throughout the gallery over the holiday season. THE HIGHLIGHTS Camera strapped around his neck, Guetta made his rounds through the crowd, smiling, laughing and taking selfies with guests.


The energetic attendees relished in the luminous works of art surrounding them while conversing, sipping wine and enjoying passed hors d’oeuvres. Grammy Award-winning DJ Cedric Gervais made an appearance alongside his girlfriend, model Ariadna Gutierrez. The memorable night stood out among many festive soirees during the holiday season.